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Benign Encounters


  1. A local noble walks in and pays for everyones round of drinks.
  2. Bar fight breaks out and an old enemy uses the opportunity to strike at the PCs
  3. Beggar comes in, begs at every table
  4. Drunken blacksmith passed out in his table.
  5. Dwarf tossing competition going on entrance 1 pp
  6. Group of local huntsman heard bragging about recent hunt
  7. Local craft or merchant guild holds a meeting
  8. Rowdy halflings start dancing on the tables.
  9. This tavern is owned by a mage. the meals and drinks reflect this - green potatoes, blue ham, whiskey thats orange, beer mugs that are constantly cold, etc.
  10. Tray of drinks tips over


  1. Buoy marking a sunken crab trap
  2. Constellations are not ones that are known
  3. Directional senses don't work
  4. Hail
  5. Sea serpent sighting
  6. Shark fin sighting
  7. Sighting of aurora borealis (northern lights)
  8. Strangely shaped piece of wood floats past
  9. The ship hits a Sargasso Sea...totally becalmed, and weeds choking any possible movement. A number of ships are visible, also stuck, some of them showing signs of being here for years (rotting sails, etc).
  10. The ship's captain develops dementia, and gives orders that make no sense.


  1. Active bees nest
  2. An earsplitting squawk
  3. An oasis
  4. Large beetle buzzes around head
  5. Large splatter of bird droppings
  6. Old, rotted horse carcass
  7. Rats are rummaging through PCs' food
  8. Skunk smell
  9. Something scurries away (chipmunk)
  10. Sweet smell of honeysuckle

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