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Benign Encounters


  1. A chair/bench breaks under the heaviest PC
  2. Argument breaks out between two ignoramuses over something the party actually knows about (i.e. whether it's ogres or trolls that regenerate, etc).
  3. Bar fight breaks out and someone casts an area effect spell.
  4. Barmaid flirts with PC; her ex shows up and picks a fight.
  5. Caravan has a rest stop at tavern
  6. Dwarf tossing competition going on entrance 1 pp
  7. On a very busy day, a waiter/tavern girl is being berated by a rude customer. afterseveral minutes of abuse, the staff member shakes his/her head , says 'I dont get paid enough for this,' and walks out.
  8. Staff mistakes PC for a NPC who is a regular patron
  9. The roof leaks into a PC's drink
  10. Traveling bard challenges local champion to entertainment contest


  1. A floating chest knocks up alongside.
  2. A large shoal of jellyfish are floating on the surface.
  3. A rain of frogs
  4. A sudden calm lasting 1 hour turns in the middle of otherwise brisk weatherr.
  5. Crocodile seen lurking waiting for aformentionned large animals
  6. Distant volcano up-current has littered the sea with floating pumice rocks
  7. Kraken sighting
  8. Peg-leg of a crew member breaks causing the owner to fall over.
  9. The party member who doesn't wear armor doesn't duck fast enough when the mast boom swings and gets swept overboard (reflex save means they're hanging out over the water) - the crew has some fun at the person's expense (unless they're drowning, in which case the man overboard drill would go into effect).
  10. Windless day, ship stranded but some crewmembers take a swimming break


  1. A rusty suit of armor
  2. An earsplitting squawk
  3. Carpet Of spongy moss over large area
  4. Caterpillar or grub-infested tree
  5. Dark storm cloud approaches
  6. Earthquake (mild, moderate, or severe)
  7. Hawk takes mole/mouse near party
  8. Ogre skull
  9. One person has an intense itch
  10. Ray of sun light hits tree or bush

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