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Benign Encounters


  1. A chair/bench breaks under the heaviest PC
  2. A large group enters the establishment, filling up the remaining tables. They are celebrating something, and are quite noisy about it.
  3. Bar fight breaks out and an old enemy uses the opportunity to strike at the PCs
  4. Food Fight! A wizard with a sense of humor animates the food wich begins to attack everyone present.
  5. Local drunk/crazy comes in, and starts spouting nonsense.
  6. 'Mysterious patron' is really just an eccentric ex-adventurer who likes to mess with adventuring parties.
  7. Several patrons at another table playing a game get into a minor argument over the rules.
  8. The patron at the next table leans back in his chair too far and falls over.
  9. This tavern is a clandestine meeting place for a secret society. Their meeting is tonight, in a reserved room or alcove.
  10. Two rangers get into a fight over whose corner is darkest.


  1. A rain of mice
  2. Ambergris is found floating nearby.
  3. Crewman goes missing for 3 days. Reappears like he never left. He has no memory of the time he was gone. The rest of the crew want to kill him.
  4. El Nino. Weird weather conditions occur, causing the people on the ship to act stranger than usual. Mood swings, loss of inhibitions, etc, may occur.
  5. Empty coffin floating on the water.
  6. Flying fish
  7. Odd fog
  8. Person tossing refuse overboard is swarmed by gulls
  9. Smoke noticed in distance
  10. Whale sighting


  1. Cloud of insects moves across path
  2. Deja vu
  3. Dug, shallow hole
  4. Earthquake (mild, moderate, or severe)
  5. Injured woodland creature lies helpless
  6. Patch of vines strangling a tree
  7. Rats are rummaging through PCs' food
  8. Sandstorm
  9. Shopping list for potion is found
  10. Sudden sun shower

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