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Benign Encounters


  1. A local noble walks in and pays for everyones round of drinks.
  2. A manager loudly fires a staff member in front of patrons
  3. A pickpocket is going around grabbing gold pieces and replacing them with magically-glamered counterfeit lead 'coins'. (Glamer wears off in 12 hours)
  4. Beggar comes in, begs at every table
  5. Local butcher or farmer brings in supplies
  6. Local drunk/crazy comes in, and starts spouting nonsense.
  7. Shortly after the PCs are seated, a man comes back into the place, and approaches their table, asking for their help in finding an item he believes he dropped/left behind at their table.
  8. The PCs get incorrect change for their payment - 50/50 chance of more or less than it should be.
  9. This tavern is a clandestine meeting place for a secret society. Their meeting is tonight, in a reserved room or alcove.
  10. Traveling bard challenges local champion to entertainment contest


  1. At night, St Elmos fire hits the ship. An eerie greenish ball of electricity floats in and amongst the masts.
  2. Eye patch of a crew member falls revealing a healthy eye
  3. Fishing lure dredged up
  4. Gull dropping bombards (or nearly hits) one person
  5. One of the sails suddenly tears just slightly but loudly.
  6. Other ship sporting same flag as current ship spotted in distance
  7. Short squall passes over, drenching all
  8. Someone bathing
  9. Someone drops something valuable (perhaps jewelry) which begins to roll and slide across deck, and is frantically chasing it, afraid it will slip off the side of the ship into the water.
  10. Unexpected, unexplained absence of flies


  1. Coyotes fighting over a kill
  2. Dug, shallow hole
  3. Few sun bleached papers
  4. Large boot tracks in mud
  5. Odd crystalline growth
  6. Skeleton of an animal
  7. Skunk smell
  8. Small pond
  9. Stick-figure voodoo doll(s) found
  10. You get a dull, throbbing headache

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