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Benign Encounters


  1. A patron leaks into a PC's...ahhhh never mind
  2. A pickpocket is going around grabbing gold pieces and replacing them with magically-glamered counterfeit lead 'coins'. (Glamer wears off in 12 hours)
  3. Bar fight breaks out and an old enemy uses the opportunity to strike at the PCs
  4. Dwarf tossing competition going on entrance 1 pp
  5. Group of local huntsman heard bragging about recent hunt
  6. Party of a traveling noble stops for a meal and/or a bed
  7. The patron at the next table leans back in his chair too far and falls over.
  8. This tavern is a clandestine meeting place for a secret society. Their meeting is tonight, in a reserved room or alcove.
  9. Traveler has interesting, but mundane news from outside town
  10. Two of the barmaids get catty over the bartender.


  1. A passing ship is sighted.
  2. Bird flying over then drops dead on ship
  3. Distant storm/lightning, particularly at night
  4. Empty coffin floating on the water.
  5. Guano deposits seen on bank.
  6. Sea monster sighting
  7. Shipwreck survivor is found floating, half dead, on a chunk of wreckage.
  8. Sun sets on the wrong horizon
  9. The ship's captain develops dementia, and gives orders that make no sense.
  10. Very high tide complicates the loading/landing of goods in a port and passage under low bridges


  1. Beaver pond/dam
  2. Fern-filled clearing
  3. Hatched eggs below abandoned nest
  4. Humanoid statue (flesh to stone)
  5. Injured woodland creature lies helpless
  6. Patch of berried bushes
  7. Rats are rummaging through PCs' food
  8. Wild boar
  9. Wild horses
  10. You get a dull, throbbing headache

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