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Benign Encounters


  1. A couple at another table get into a heated domestic argument - it ends when one of them storms out, the other hastily paying the bill and hustling after their departed love.
  2. A large group enters the establishment, filling up the remaining tables. They are celebrating something, and are quite noisy about it.
  3. Bar fight breaks out and all their friends (80% of the patrons) join in
  4. Bar fight breaks out and someone gets thrown on PCs table, breaking it.
  5. Bartender teases patron, who takes it badly and insists on a duel of honor.
  6. Party of a traveling noble stops for a meal and/or a bed
  7. Several patrons at another table playing a game get into a minor argument over the rules.
  8. Someone is trying to talk loudly to be heard over the music when the music abrubtly stops.
  9. The innkeeper throws another log on the fire, inadvertantly sending a shower of sparks out into the room.
  10. Traveler has interesting, but mundane news from outside town


  1. A pod of dolphins & a great white shark are locked in mortal combat, with the fight occasionally taking the combatants into the air just above the water in great leaps.
  2. A rogue wave travels under the ship, lifting it then dropping it.
  3. Bird circles ship overhead and follows
  4. Floating island, with ecology (actual island.)
  5. Herd of large animals fording across river
  6. Secret compartment found on board; Captain mystified
  7. Someone is stealing rations from the ship's supplies, and it is finally noticed.
  8. Tide of red (or other color) seaweed/kelp noticed
  9. Very high tide complicates the loading/landing of goods in a port and passage under low bridges
  10. You enter a 'bermuda triangle' style area; weird weather, compass goes nuts, etc.


  1. Carpet Of spongy moss over large area
  2. Cave or large den
  3. Disabled wagon with nearby dead campfire
  4. Large patch or hill of flowers
  5. Odd crystalline growth
  6. Puddle/nearly dry watering hole
  7. Punctured waterskin or flask on path
  8. Stack of rocks piled high
  9. Tornado
  10. Very friendly skunk

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