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Benign Encounters


  1. A chair/bench breaks under the heaviest PC
  2. A local noble walks in and pays for everyones round of drinks.
  3. A manager loudly fires a staff member in front of patrons
  4. A PC finds a bug in their food.
  5. A rock crashes through a window from outside
  6. Beggar comes in and gets violently thrown out.
  7. Half-Orc (or other member of a racial group) gets told, 'We don't take kindly to your type.'
  8. Kitchen catches fire.
  9. This tavern is a clandestine meeting place for a secret society. Their meeting is tonight, in a reserved room or alcove.
  10. Two local merchants or craftsmen overheard conducting a mundane transaction


  1. Becalmed: no wind.
  2. Captain invites PCs for lunch in his cabin
  3. Iceberg spotted in the distance
  4. Land animal (bird, reptile, etc.) on driftwood far from land.
  5. Otters seen at play
  6. Saint Elmo's fire in the masts.
  7. Ship's boat, 5 people alive, 2 dead
  8. Sun doesn't rise
  9. The river starts flowing backwards, and may even have changed its course because of the shifting of the land. (Because of an earthquake.)
  10. You go ashore only to find yourself in an unknown land


  1. Burned area (trees standing, no undergrowth, all black)
  2. Dug, shallow hole
  3. Find a copper piece
  4. Giant feather
  5. Group of bats rise in the distance
  6. Huge stick insect or mantis moves into the foliage
  7. Patch of berried bushes
  8. Stack of rocks piled high
  9. Stand of birch trees
  10. Writing carved into tree

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