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Benign Encounters


  1. A bear walks into the bar and orders a drink.
  2. A local noble walks in and pays for everyones round of drinks.
  3. Bar fight breaks out and all their friends (80% of the patrons) join in
  4. Bar fight breaks out and someone casts an area effect spell.
  5. Local butcher or farmer brings in supplies
  6. Rowdy gnomes start dancing on the table.
  7. Rowdy halflings start dancing on the tables.
  8. The local bard starts to sing a tale where the adventurers were involved.
  9. Two local merchants or craftsmen overheard conducting a mundane transaction
  10. Waiter flirts with a PC


  1. A box overthrown from being transported by another ship floats past
  2. A floating chest knocks up alongside.
  3. A sudden boiling of the sea within sight of the ship (underwater detonation)
  4. Buoy marking shallow ground
  5. Crewman goes missing for one day. Reappears like he never left. He has no memory of the time he was gone. The rest of the crew take no mind of it.
  6. Filled coffin floating on the water.
  7. Large dead bloated sea monster.
  8. Rain falls up
  9. Ship hull, burned to water level, in the distance
  10. Stowaway is discovered but has enough money and food to avoid being killed for it


  1. A rusty suit of armor
  2. An earsplitting squawk
  3. Caterpillar or grub-infested tree
  4. Cave or large den
  5. Great toppled tree, roots outstretched
  6. Hatched eggs below abandoned nest
  7. Old ring sticks out of the dirt
  8. Small dust whirlwind
  9. Smoke rises in distance
  10. Wolf/dog tracks

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