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Benign Encounters


  1. A patron leaks into a PC's...ahhhh never mind
  2. A pickpocket is going around grabbing gold pieces and replacing them with magically-glamered counterfeit lead 'coins'. (Glamer wears off in 8 hours)
  3. Bar fight breaks out and an old enemy uses the opportunity to strike at the PCs
  4. Dwarf tossing competition going on entrance 1 pp
  5. Food Fight!
  6. Group of local huntsman heard bragging about recent hunt
  7. Kitchen catches fire.
  8. Local butcher or farmer brings in supplies
  9. Staff mistakes PC for a NPC who is a regular patron
  10. The ale tastes horrible - gut check or spit it out


  1. A makeshift raft 6 all alive.
  2. A rogue wave travels under the ship, lifting it then dropping it.
  3. Certain people see visions in the cloud
  4. Everyone aboard begins to notice subtle changes to the ship. The till is smaller, the doors slightly larger, the rungs on ladders spaced farther apart, ropes slightly thicker, window tints slightly sharper, etc. Could be intense but still harmless for an experienced crew
  5. General jetsam floats by a bit at a time. (trunks, barrels, crates, etc. The kind of stuff a ship in distress would jettison but will float.)
  6. High seas
  7. Log drivers seen taking their haul downriver
  8. Ship's boat, 5 people alive, 2 dead
  9. shoal of fish passes under the ship.
  10. Shooting star


  1. Ancient snag filled with tiny holes
  2. Coyotes fighting over a kill
  3. Crow squawks repeatedly on approach
  4. Dug, shallow hole
  5. Eerily quiet
  6. Fern-filled clearing
  7. Many thousands of ants crawl
  8. Old ring sticks out of the dirt
  9. Skeleton of a humanoid
  10. Wild horses

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