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Benign Encounters


  1. A magician (prestidigitation) starts up an impromptu show
  2. A patron leaks into a PC's...ahhhh never mind
  3. A PC finds a bug in their food.
  4. Bar fight breaks out and a pickpocket takes advantage of the chaos.
  5. Bar fight breaks out and someone is about to lose, and draws a blade.
  6. Drunken blacksmith passed out in his table.
  7. Food Fight!
  8. Party of a traveling noble stops for a meal and/or a bed
  9. Staff mistakes PC for a NPC who is a regular patron
  10. The ale tastes horrible - gut check or spit it out


  1. A female crewmember finds she is inexplicably pregnant. If you want to take this cliche to it's conclusion, she starts showing after a few days, and delivers in a few weeks.
  2. A shipmate goes harmlessly insane, suddenly spouting random prophecies and thoughts.
  3. A sudden boiling of the sea within sight of the ship (underwater detonation)
  4. Crewman goes missing for one day. Reappears like he never left. He has no memory of the time he was gone. The rest of the crew want to kill him.
  5. Flying fish begin gliding next to the the ship
  6. Ice winter threatening to catch (and crush?) the ship in ice
  7. Short squall passes over, drenching all
  8. Someone bathing
  9. The cargo's wood crating all turns black (mildew) - the sailors can have some fun and the landlubber party's expense.
  10. Wind picks up significantly


  1. Couple of rats are following you
  2. Creek bars path
  3. Fern-filled clearing
  4. Humanoid statue (flesh to stone)
  5. Ray of sun light hits tree or bush
  6. Sentry animal (probably bird or rodent) raises alarm
  7. Shopping list for potion is found
  8. Skeleton of a humanoid
  9. Stench of feces
  10. Sweet smell of honeysuckle

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