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Benign Encounters


  1. A group of adventurers seems to spontaneously form from random patrons at the next table.
  2. Bar fight breaks out and a pickpocket takes advantage of the chaos.
  3. Beggar comes in and gets violently thrown out.
  4. Food Fight!
  5. Kitchen catches fire.
  6. The ale tastes horrible - gut check or spit it out
  7. The bouncer ejects a drunk
  8. The innkeeper throws another log on the fire, inadvertantly sending a shower of sparks out into the room.
  9. Three tables over is a know-it-all who won't stop bragging about his accomplishments - in a voice loud enough to hear in the entire place.
  10. Traveling doctor or dentist sets up temporary shop in tavern


  1. A group of aquatic elves (or other undersea race) stop by and trade a bit.
  2. At night, St Elmos fire hits the ship. An eerie greenish ball of electricity floats in and amongst the masts.
  3. Eagle (or other large bird) nest spotted in tall tree along shore
  4. Frog croaks very loudly at night
  5. Ice winter threatening to catch (and crush?) the ship in ice
  6. shoal of fish passes under the ship.
  7. Short squall passes over, drenching all
  8. Sudden calm and fog with sounds of drunken laughter coming from all quarters.
  9. Sun doesn't rise
  10. Very low tide grounds the ship


  1. 1' hole penetrates the ground
  2. Active bees nest
  3. Deer tracks
  4. Disheveled shrine or grave marker
  5. Few sun bleached papers
  6. Find a copper piece
  7. Punctured waterskin or flask on path
  8. Rainbow in the distance
  9. Rocks falling in the distance
  10. Unusual patch of very lush growth

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