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Benign Encounters


  1. A local presdigitator goes from table to table doing card/coin tricks.
  2. A pickpocket is going around grabbing gold pieces and replacing them with magically-glamered counterfeit lead 'coins'. (Glamer wears off in 10 hours)
  3. Dwarf tossing competition going on entrance 1 pp
  4. Food Fight! A wizard with a sense of humor animates the food wich begins to attack everyone present.
  5. Group of local huntsman heard bragging about recent hunt
  6. Half-Orc (or other member of a racial group) gets told, 'We don't take kindly to your type.'
  7. Manager swings by with a trivial complaint against a PC but won't tell which patron complained
  8. One of the PCs notices his biscuit has a few nibble marks on it already (either from a rat or a previous patron whose unfinished meal was recycled)
  9. The patron at the next table leans back in his chair too far and falls over.
  10. The PCs get incorrect change for their payment - 50/50 chance of more or less than it should be.


  1. A huge chunk of red clay falls in the water somewhere upstream turning all the water of the river blood red for a few minutes/hours
  2. A shipmate gets knocked upside the head by a sudden mast strike and slips into a coma.
  3. An entire navy
  4. An unknown vessel shadows the party's craft for a while, perhaps a day or so, veering off if challenged.
  5. Boat spotted coming in opposite direction
  6. Claims to have been kidnapped by mermaids. Smiles a lot.
  7. Distant storm/lightning, particularly at night
  8. Dragon catching tuna.
  9. Iceberg noticed at at an unusual lattitude
  10. Phosphorescent water around ship (These areas can be large enough to be spotted from space. A ship can travel for days in such a sea, sometimes called a 'milky sea'.)


  1. An earsplitting squawk
  2. Approaching lightning storm
  3. Bear tracks
  4. Creek bars path
  5. Fern-filled clearing
  6. Howling gust of wind
  7. Large bird (heron) seems to follow you
  8. Ogre skull
  9. Smoke rises in distance
  10. Wolf/dog tracks

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