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Benign Encounters


  1. A chair/bench breaks under the heaviest PC
  2. A drunk patron passes out, falls to the floor, and his money pouch spills out
  3. A large group enters the establishment, filling up the remaining tables. They are celebrating something, and are quite noisy about it.
  4. A magician (prestidigitation) starts up an impromptu show
  5. A very unusual meal is being served today, the result of a chance purchase of some rare delicacy.
  6. Kitchen catches fire.
  7. 'Mysterious patron' is really just an eccentric ex-adventurer who likes to mess with adventuring parties.
  8. The innkeeper throws another log on the fire, inadvertantly sending a shower of sparks out into the room.
  9. The roof leaks into a PC's drink
  10. Two of the barmaids get catty over the bartender.


  1. A rain of mice
  2. A rain of snakes
  3. Crewman goes harmlessly mad.
  4. Dragon catching tuna.
  5. Eagle (or other large bird) nest spotted in tall tree along shore
  6. Hail
  7. One of the fishing nets catches something valuable floating in the water.
  8. shoal of fish passes under the ship.
  9. The ship hits a Sargasso Sea...totally becalmed, and weeds choking any possible movement. A number of ships are visible, also stuck, some of them showing signs of being here for years (rotting sails, etc).
  10. The ship is stopped, boarded, and searched by the Navy.


  1. Fern-filled clearing
  2. Fish bones
  3. Fool's gold sparkles in the dirt
  4. Group of bats rise in the distance
  5. Odd crystalline growth
  6. Old ring sticks out of the dirt
  7. Sentry animal (probably bird or rodent) raises alarm
  8. Sudden sun shower
  9. Unusual patch of very lush growth
  10. Wolf/dog tracks

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