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Benign Encounters


  1. A couple at another table get into a heated domestic argument - it ends when one of them storms out, the other hastily paying the bill and hustling after their departed love.
  2. A PC finds a bug in their food.
  3. Bar fight breaks out and an old enemy uses the opportunity to strike at the PCs
  4. Food Fight! A wizard with a sense of humor animates the food wich begins to attack everyone present.
  5. Local craft or merchant guild holds a meeting
  6. On a very busy day, a waiter/tavern girl is being berated by a rude customer. afterseveral minutes of abuse, the staff member shakes his/her head , says 'I dont get paid enough for this,' and walks out.
  7. Royal or Imperial courier stops for meal or bed
  8. Staff mistakes PC for a NPC who is a regular patron
  9. Two local merchants or craftsmen overheard conducting a mundane transaction and have a vocal disagreement about it
  10. Two of the barmaids get catty over the bartender.


  1. A makeshift raft one person, 3 dead
  2. Bad storms
  3. Feeling of happiness passes through the crew.
  4. High seas
  5. Several dead fishes found floating on lake
  6. Ship's crew becomes restless because of decisions made by the captain - rumors of a possible mutiny
  7. Someone becomes seasick, possibly for the first time
  8. The party member who doesn't wear armor doesn't duck fast enough when the mast boom swings and gets swept overboard (reflex save means they're hanging out over the water) - the crew has some fun at the person's expense (unless they're drowning, in which case the man overboard drill would go into effect).
  9. They spot a foundering ship, plundered by pirates. Maybe the pirates left something behind? Or took something or someone that *must* be recovered?
  10. Windless day, ship stranded but some crewmembers take a swimming break


  1. Arid dust coats your mouth
  2. Bear tracks
  3. Deja vu
  4. Huge spider's web
  5. Old ring sticks out of the dirt
  6. Rocks falling in the distance
  7. Rusty weapon
  8. Smoke rises in distance
  9. Sudden sun shower
  10. Unusual patch of very lush growth

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