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Benign Encounters


  1. A magician (prestidigitation) starts up an impromptu show
  2. A paladin walks in and starts to detect evil on everyone if he finds any evil person he tries to talk to him to repent on his ways.
  3. A PC finds a bug in their food.
  4. A waitress drops a tray of glasses with a loud crash.
  5. Bartender teases patron, who takes it badly and insists on a duel of honor.
  6. Caravan has a rest stop at tavern
  7. Herald comes to tavern to proclaim some decree
  8. Rowdy halflings start dancing on the tables.
  9. Royal or Imperial courier stops for meal or bed
  10. Staff mistakes PC for a NPC who is a regular patron


  1. A rain of mice
  2. Crewman catches an unusually large fish
  3. Dragon catching tuna.
  4. Flying fish begin gliding next to the the ship
  5. It suddenly snows.
  6. Several full rainbows spotted after rain shower
  7. Ship's boat, empty.
  8. Something gets tangled/caught on the ship somehow.
  9. The cargo's wood crating all turns black (mildew) - the sailors can have some fun and the landlubber party's expense.
  10. You go ashore only to find yourself in an unknown land


  1. A rusty suit of armor
  2. A shadow passes across the ground
  3. Dark storm cloud approaches
  4. Few scattered and broken arrows or bolts
  5. Group of bats rise in the distance
  6. Huge spider's web
  7. Large bird (heron) seems to follow you
  8. Large boot tracks in mud
  9. Pleasant voice seems to chant on the breeze
  10. Sudden sun shower

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