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Benign Encounters


  1. After some guards get in a villager flees the establishment as fast as he can.
  2. A paladin walks in and starts to detect evil on everyone if he finds any evil person he tries to talk to him to repent on his ways.
  3. Bartender teases patron, who takes it badly and insists on a duel of honor.
  4. Food Fight! A wizard with a sense of humor animates the food wich begins to attack everyone present.
  5. Half-Orc (or other member of a racial group) gets told, 'We don't take kindly to your type.'
  6. Local butcher or farmer brings in supplies
  7. Several patrons at another table playing a game get into a minor argument over the rules.
  8. Someone is trying to talk loudly to be heard over the music when the music abrubtly stops.
  9. This tavern is a clandestine meeting place for a secret society. Their meeting is tonight, in a reserved room or alcove.
  10. Traveling bard challenges local champion to entertainment contest


  1. A makeshift raft 4 people, 2 dead
  2. Crewman catches an unusually large fish
  3. Dolphins 'adopt' the ship for a few hours/days, swimming alongside, playing around it.
  4. Gull droppings land in someone's cup. Person doesn't notice or does notice and replaces the cup only to have the same thing happen again
  5. Otters seen at play
  6. Several dead fishes found floating on lake
  7. Ship's boat, one person alive
  8. Sick Whale thrashing on the surface.
  9. Sun sets on the wrong horizon
  10. You enter a 'bermuda triangle' style area; weird weather, compass goes nuts, etc.


  1. Cloud of insects moves across path
  2. Dark storm cloud approaches
  3. Eerily quiet
  4. Fish bones
  5. Hawk takes mole/mouse near party
  6. Mother bear protecting cubs
  7. Shopping list for potion is found
  8. Smoke rises in distance
  9. Stench of feces
  10. You get a dull, throbbing headache

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