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Benign Encounters


  1. A dull-witted waiter/busboy drops something, and is berated & mocked by other wait staff/patrons. He is too slow & harmless to do anything about it.
  2. After some guards get in a villager flees the establishment as fast as he can.
  3. A full spittoon gets kicked over by accident
  4. A group of adventurers seems to spontaneously form from random patrons at the next table.
  5. A very unusual meal is being served today, the result of a chance purchase of some rare delicacy.
  6. Bar fight breaks out and someone casts an area effect spell.
  7. Beggar comes in, begs at every table and is more than he/she appears. Thief, spy, undercover guard, etc.
  8. Dwarf tossing competition going on entrance 1 pp
  9. Food Fight! A wizard with a sense of humor animates the food wich begins to attack everyone present.
  10. Royal or Imperial courier stops for meal or bed


  1. A boat with one man in it
  2. A makeshift raft, 3 people dead
  3. A makeshift raft, one person dead
  4. A rain of frogs
  5. A shipmate gets knocked upside the head by a sudden mast strike and slips into a coma.
  6. At night, St Elmos fire hits the ship. An eerie greenish ball of electricity floats in and amongst the masts.
  7. Eagle (or other large bird) nest spotted in tall tree along shore
  8. Eye patch of a crew member falls revealing a healthy eye
  9. Sounds of battle drift over a calm sea. Battle never sighted.
  10. Whirlpool arises suddenly, grabs ship, spins it, then ceases or moves on


  1. An earsplitting squawk
  2. Cloud shaped like a holy symbol scuds out of sight
  3. Crow squawks repeatedly on approach
  4. Hatched eggs below abandoned nest
  5. Huge spider's web
  6. Large beetle buzzes around head
  7. Odd crystalline growth
  8. Small pond
  9. Tree falls in the distance
  10. You get a dull, throbbing headache

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