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Benign Encounters


  1. A very unusual meal is being served today, the result of a chance purchase of some rare delicacy.
  2. Bartender teases patron, who takes it badly and insists on a duel of honor.
  3. New bouncer interviewed. Tough looking PC invited to help to see if candidate bouncer could eject PC.
  4. Rowdy halflings start dancing on the tables.
  5. Royal or Imperial courier stops for meal or bed
  6. Staff mistakes PC for a NPC who is a regular patron
  7. The bouncer ejects a drunk
  8. The PCs get incorrect change for their payment - 50/50 chance of more or less than it should be.
  9. Three tables over is a know-it-all who won't stop bragging about his accomplishments - in a voice loud enough to hear in the entire place.
  10. Traveling bard challenges local champion to entertainment contest


  1. An artist paints or carves in wood a portrait of a sunset.
  2. Boat spotted coming in opposite direction
  3. Children run along the river shore waving at the crew
  4. Compass behaves strangely
  5. Crewman catches an unusually large fish
  6. Iceberg spotted in the distance
  7. Ship hull, burned to water level, in the distance
  8. Someone is stealing rations from the ship's supplies, and it is finally noticed.
  9. Unexpected, unexplained absence of flies
  10. wild animals seen grazing on opposite banks


  1. Bear tracks
  2. Deer tracks
  3. Few sun bleached papers
  4. Find a copper piece
  5. Group of bats rise in the distance
  6. Hawk takes mole/mouse near party
  7. Huge spider's web
  8. Old, rotted horse carcass
  9. Rusty weapon
  10. Tornado

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