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Benign Encounters


  1. A bear walks into the bar and orders a drink.
  2. Argument breaks out between two ignoramuses over something the party actually knows about (i.e. whether it's ogres or trolls that regenerate, etc).
  3. Bar fight breaks out and a pickpocket takes advantage of the chaos.
  4. Bar fight breaks out and someone is about to lose, and draws a blade.
  5. Guard enters tavern and arrests a patron for some minor offense
  6. Local drunk/crazy comes in, and starts spouting nonsense.
  7. Rowdy gnomes start dancing on the table.
  8. The local bard starts to sing a tale where the adventurers were involved.
  9. Traveling bard challenges local champion to entertainment contest
  10. Two local merchants or craftsmen overheard conducting a mundane transaction and have a vocal disagreement about it


  1. A rain of beetles
  2. A shipmate gets knocked upside the head by a sudden mast strike and slips into a coma.
  3. Cargo is discovered to be different than thought but of equal value and tradeability
  4. Fishing lure dredged up
  5. New star appears in the sky then moves
  6. One of the crew accidentally or otherwise kills an albatross, dolphin (shades of Rime of the Ancient Mariner)
  7. One of the fishing nets catches something valuable floating in the water.
  8. Peg-leg of a crew member breaks causing the owner to fall over.
  9. Several dead fishes found floating on lake
  10. Several full rainbows spotted after rain shower


  1. Crow squawks repeatedly on approach
  2. Disheveled shrine or grave marker
  3. Hawk takes mole/mouse near party
  4. Large splatter of bird droppings
  5. Rats are rummaging through PCs' food
  6. Remnants of old campfire
  7. Rocky outcropping
  8. Rusty weapon
  9. Small pond
  10. Snake slithers away

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