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Benign Encounters


  1. A magician (prestidigitation) starts up an impromptu show
  2. A pickpocket is going around grabbing gold pieces and replacing them with magically-glamered counterfeit lead 'coins'. (Glamer wears off in 3 hours)
  3. A regular patron comes into the bar, and all the other regulars & staff call out his/her name ('Noooorm!')
  4. Bar fight breaks out and someone casts an area effect spell.
  5. Shortly after the PCs are seated, a man comes back into the place, and approaches their table, asking for their help in finding an item he believes he dropped/left behind at their table.
  6. Someone gets sick.Really sick.
  7. Staff mistakes PC for a NPC who is a regular patron
  8. The local bard starts to sing a tale where the adventurers were involved.
  9. Traveler has interesting, but mundane news from outside town
  10. Traveling doctor or dentist sets up temporary shop in tavern


  1. A boat with one woman in it
  2. All aboard fall asleep briefly
  3. Bird lands on ship carrying an unknown plant
  4. Constellations are not ones that are known
  5. Dish jumps to gobble flies
  6. High winds
  7. Plenty of water remains, but all the grog barrels spring leaks - leading to a very disgruntled crew.
  8. Sail sighted and vanishes again, this repeats.
  9. Ship's boat, empty.
  10. Short squall passes over, drenching all


  1. Discarded, tattered cloak
  2. Eerily quiet
  3. Ogre skull
  4. Rocky outcropping
  5. Sentry animal (probably bird or rodent) raises alarm
  6. Small dust whirlwind
  7. Snake slithers away
  8. Something scurries away (chipmunk)
  9. Stung by a bee
  10. Wild horses

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