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No Prep Time, No Problem!
Aberration naga, guardian
Animal auroch
Animal baboon
Animal bison
Animal bush tiger
Animal bustard
Animal cat
Animal cheetah
Animal cindersnake
Animal dire lion
Animal dog
Animal elephant
Animal heavy horse
Animal light horse
Animal lion
Animal mule
Animal polar bear
Animal pony
Animal rhinoceros
Animal riding dog
Animal scrub rat
Animal storm roc
Animal war pony
Giant giant, taiga
Humanoid gnoll
Humanoid goblin
Humanoid halfling
Magical Beast ankheg
Magical Beast blink dog
Magical Beast chupacabra
Magical Beast cockatrice
Magical Beast frost worm
Magical Beast gorgon
Magical Beast Ko-Minka
Magical Beast winged chupacabra
Magical Beast worg
Monstrous Humanoid scorpionfolk
Vermin giant bee
Vermin jewel beetle
Vermin locust swarm

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