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Magical Beast hellwasp swarm
Outsider achaierai
Outsider Ahriman
Outsider barghest
Outsider black jinni
Outsider demon, babau
Outsider demon, balor
Outsider demon, bebilith
Outsider demon, dretch
Outsider demon, glabrezu
Outsider demon, hezrou
Outsider demon, marilith
Outsider demon, omox
Outsider demon, quasit
Outsider demon, succubus
Outsider demon, vrock
Outsider demon, xacarba
Outsider denizen of Leng
Outsider devil, erinyes
Outsider devil, imp
Outsider devil, imp (SRD)
Outsider devil, lemure
Outsider devil, pit fiend
Outsider div, doru
Outsider div, ghawwas
Outsider div, pairaka
Outsider div, sepid
Outsider div, shir
Outsider hell hound
Outsider howler
Outsider night hag
Outsider nightmare
Outsider vargouille
Outsider yeth hound
Outsider yethazmari

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